LOEWE : Craftsmanship with nature

'history of 170 years'
March 24, 2022
BY hosoo


LOEWE is a Spanish-born brand with a long history of 170 years. There was also a crisis as it has been loved for a long time based on leather products such as bags and wallets. However, it was transformed into a modern brand through Jonathan Anderson, a designer from Northern Ireland who was recruited as a creative director. 


They present high-quality leather products based on their thorough craftsmanship. They have the best technology in manufacturing than any other brand. Craftsmanship is the keyword that best represents Loewe's iconic identity.

It is creating an original steady seller, led by elephant-shaped "elephant bags" designed with African craftsmen and "puzzle bags" that can be worn in five ways, from shoulder bags to clutches.

LOEWE Foundation

Loewe's love and interest in nature leads to Craft Prize, which sponsors the fields of fashion, art and craft, and the Loewe Foundation, which discovers and fosters emerging designers and craftsmen. Both platforms aim to protect the legacy of the past and create a sustainable future.

These efforts to inherit the knowledge and traditions that have been preserved over a long period of time are drawing more attention as awareness of environmental protection increases.


A case in point is the "This is Home" furniture collection unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2017. It received a lot of attention from the fashion and design industry as well as the public by presenting works such as lights, ceramics, blankets, and cushions that beautifully harmonize past heritage and modern technology.


Eye/LOEWE/Nature is a new line in Loewe that was created to voice various issues that threaten the Earth, including environmental pollution, destruction of marine ecosystems, and global warming. We produce clothing using natural-colored recycled organic fabric containing nature, and donate some of the proceeds to prevent environmental pollution.

Visual films containing the tranquility and wonder of Mother Nature without damage are also produced continuously. Their move is considered an impressive move for the environment, giving them time to think about the social responsibilities that fashion brands can do.


Based on its excellent handicraft techniques and craftsmanship, Loewe has created various signature products and is elaborately completing its brand identity.

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